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I adore the facial expressions young children make and find a purity within them that takes me back to my youth.  I’m extremely happy now and can’t say that I would like to go back in time (D.O.B. for me is 1975), but life was much easier as a child, and more carefree… NO jobs, NO bills, and NO worries. Just go to school, do a little homework here and there, then hang with friends until dinnertime.

Over the years, mainly after I learned to “chillax” (chill out + relax) myself, it became evident (in my opinion) how much of society is just way too serious these days.  I get that as an adult, with or without children, we have obligations; but why not have some fun while tending to what needs to be done or what our minds perceive needs to be done?  Life is short (or long to some), but either way, let’s live life to fullest… Almost as if we are a child again.

Whether these pictures are sub-par or pretty darn good; I like them, and hope that they will for a slight glimpse in time, make you smile and bring you back to your childhood 🙂

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