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Through exploring WordPress, I have come across a couple photo challenges that seem like a ton of fun; and in my opinion, a great way to step outside of the box in an attempt to further ignite creativity with photography. The first challenge I saw was for 365 days, and the other, one month; each day representing an object or objects, a specific technique, etc.

Most of us have busy lives and considering day-to-day life can present us with challenges aside from this one, I decided to go with 30 photographs in 40 days. With that said, my goal for this project is that it be laid back, at your own pace, and with no pressure at all. I’ve devised a set of rules that I plan to follow and hope you will too: 1) Start the challenge whenever it is convenient for you (I’m starting today); 2) Categories do not need to be captured in consecutive order; 3) No more than one category per day; 4) Only use photos taken within the 40 days; 5) Most categories can be combined, but try to to come up with a different subject for each one; and most importantly, 6) HAVE FUN!

Also, instead of publishing a new post every day, I will be adding each picture here; with the specific category listed, the date it was taken, and EXIF data. (UPDATE AS OF 8/25/11: I CHANGED MY MIND – I’M GOING TO PUBLISH A NEW POST WITH EACH PICTURE.)

1. A Pet
2. In Motion
3. An Instrument
4. A Flower
5. The Sky
6. A Baby (or Child)
7. Water
8. Wide Angle
9. Silhouette
10. Reflections
11. Scenery at Night
12. Something Green
13. Your Favorite Object
14. Nature
15. Emotion
16. A Body Part (no nudity, please!)
17. Architecture
18. Shallow Depth of Field
19. A Sunset or Sunrise
20. Self-Portrait
21. Using Natural Light
22. Using Artificial Light
23. An Object Used Daily
24. A Flame
25. Looking Up
26. Looking Down
27. Candid
28. Macro
29. Landscape
30. Something Old

NOTE: In case you didn’t notice, most of the categories listed above are somewhat vague (i.e. wide angle, using natural light, etc.)… I did this in hopes that it will force me to think outside of the box and be more creative, just like I stated earlier in the post. Photograph whatever it is that grabs your attention at that time and don’t forget to capture a different subject each day.

Well, fellow bloggers… Are you in?  Please join me as I feel this will be a great way to meet new people who share the same passion, show off talent, and learn new things.  Don’t forget to link your post in my comment section below.  Not only would I love to see what you see through the lens, but I’m sure anyone else that participates in this challenge will, too 🙂

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As always, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you like what you see. All feedback is welcome!

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