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A Photo Challenge: 30 Photographs in 40 Days…

Wow… First and foremost, this was a tough one for me! Since this is called a “Challenge”, I figured it would be best to avoid my comfort zone when it comes to taking pictures of water, which happens to be waterfalls (hahaha… the little one that is at the entrance of our neighborhood that is). To make it even more difficult, these were taken inside of my home, which has extremely poor lighting. Good thing I purchased a work light from Lowe’s!

Despite the fact I had no clue what to do with said light, I experimented like crazy, and these are the two images I liked best. Hope you do, too 🙂

Canon 40D and 50mm f/1.4; Exposure: Manual ISO: 400; Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec; Aperture: f/1.6

8/24/11 – #7 Water
Canon 40D and 50mm f/1.4; Exposure: Manual; ISO: 100; Shutter Speed: 1/50 sec; Aperture: f/5.0

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