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My husband and I decided to do something different yesterday and thought it would be fun to go somewhere we’ve never been, which happened to be Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, OH. Since our pass was good for the whole day, we figured why not go a couple of times to capture how natural light changes the mood of scenery and certain objects. Hahaha… No such luck.

The sunset was scheduled for 8:05PM, so we hopped back in the convertible around 7:15PM and drove the 30+ minutes to get there. Within seconds of pulling into the entrance, we were blocked by a gate. The park was closed… Bummer!

I have to laugh about this though because it reminds me of the old “Phone First” commercials. I had a brief thought of checking the hours online while at home, but assumed they would be open at night since there was lighting all over the place that they obviously use to illuminate the sculptures. Maybe this is just during the Holidays?

This park is so beautiful, extremely serene, and I can’t wait to go back; however, next time with my daughter. Here’s to hoping that you get the same peaceful feeling we got when exploring this new place… By day only, that is 😉

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