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The hubs and I woke up this past Sunday morning with quite a bit of energy so we thought it would be fun to go on a little road trip. Our destination was Hocking Hills in Central Ohio. With or without Elli (our dog) was the question. She’s never really gone hiking with us before and I was a little hesitant–my fear was her getting bit by a tic–because there are certain vaccinations she is forbidden to get per our contract with her breeder’s. After contemplating, we decided she was going with us. She will definitely have a great time, right? What dog wouldn’t?

Anyhow, sparing the details since this post isn’t intended to be about our dog, I will say that I think she was possibly more stressed than anything with all of the other people and dogs around; which is why we had to cut our trip short.

There are several parks within Hocking Hills that offer amazing photo ops, but unfortunately, we were only able to visit Old Man’s Cave this time around. This particular cave is comprised of fives sections: Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls, and Lower Gorge. Click here for more information on the parks.

In regards to my pictures, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, but honestly think they could’ve been better. By the way, I’m not whining… Just being realistic as this is how I learn 😉

With Elli barking nonstop for a complete hour, I had a real hard time concentrating on my settings because they still haven’t totally clicked in my head yet. In addition, I was using my monopod and I’m convinced that it doesn’t work for me… LOL!

Since I very rarely use my 17-40mm f/4 L USM lens, I thought it would be perfect for this venture because I wanted to capture wide angle landscape shots; and since we were in a low light situation, I thought it would be best for me to use the widest aperture. In the end, I can’t quite figure out if the DOF is too shallow or does it work? Is there a general rule of thumb for landscape photography? All shots, but one, were taken in manual mode at f/4; and the rest of the settings are as follows…

1/320 sec; ISO 1600; focal length – 17mm

1/60 sec; ISO 800; focal length – 17mm

1/85 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 20mm

1/100 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 19mm

1/30 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 36mm

1/60 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 36mm

1/40 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 17mm

1/400 sec; ISO 400; focal length – 17mm

1/30 sec; f/6.4; ISO 100; focal length – 40mm

These last two were taken while my husband was driving like a bat out of hell in an attempt to get us to food as quickly as possible on our way back home. Hahaha… I quickly lost my hunger due to becoming car sick!

1/1000 sec; ISO 100; focal length – 23mm

1/1300 sec; ISO 100; focal length – 23mm

Well, that’s all folks! A penny for your thoughts…

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