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I have a question–totally unrelated to photography–for other bloggers/parents out there since I’m fairly new to blogging myself… Is a 10.5-year old considered too young to blog on the Internet (i.e. WordPress)? HELP… I’m conflicted!

My daughter currently swims for a USA swim team and is officially starting a martial arts class tomorrow because “she needs something else to look forward to each week.” She attended a free class last Monday and absolutely without a doubt LOVED it! She loved it so much that she memorized the dojo’s creed before leaving for school the next morning, which means that as soon as she recites it to the class (apparently plans are to do just that tomorrow), she will receive her first patch out of 14. What’s even more exciting for her is that she will get her very first gi tomorrow.

I’m telling you this because she decided to start a diary about this new venture on her computer today. She let me read it and I was impressed with her writing and the fact that she even wanted to put her feelings into words on paper; Heavens knows she sure doesn’t speak them… Hahaha… Kids!

She likes the idea of what I do on here and would like to do the same, but I’m torn on if I should let her or not? It seems there are so many pros and cons to the idea, but she is only in fifth grade and I’m afraid the latter might be the case.

What are your thoughts?

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