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This picture was taken on September 5, 2007 inside the Guadirikiri Cave located in the Arikok National Park in Aruba.

I’ve looked at this many times and often thought… What an awful picture, if only it was in focus; without flash, camera shake, etc. Now that I look at it again though–a little over four years later–I like how it turned out.

It’s kind of creepy, just like caves are to me now after watching the movies The Descent and Descent 2. Funny thing is however, I never noticed two things in particular about this until today. Do you see what I see?

It’s no great big whoop, but I seemed to have captured a bat flying near the top center and it also appears that there is possibly a shadow of another one on the bottom left.

Anyway, just thought I’d share it because I find it very interesting how some things go unnoticed until years later.

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