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My husband took our dog out to go potty last night and when he came in, he said that I “should” go out and take pics of the moon… “It looks amazing!” I was having a lazy moment–my daughter just started massaging my feet–so I naturally wasn’t really in the mood, but decided to go ahead after Lexi pushed my feet away to check it out herself.

Go figure she concurred with Mike’s statement… Hahaha! I’m assuming that was her way of cutting the foot massage short. See if I give her the “Your Choice” coupon from the Mother’s Day coupon book she gave me πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I, too, thought it looked amazing; however, I was really having a hard time thinking about camera settings, etc. Hmmm… I wonder why that was?

Both of these shots were taken with my 70-300mm lens with the settings of 300mm, ISO 100, 10 sec, f/11; clearly not ideal. I also didn’t have my lens hood (there was a street light to my left) nor did I use the viewfinder cover, which I’m sure contributed to something… Just not sure what. Did I mention that the clouds were moving at mock speed? (That’s a slight exaggeration!)

Despite the aforementioned, blur, and obvious moon-glow issues (not sure if there’s a more correct description for that); I still think the images look cool, especially the first one. They kind of have a spooky mood to me. I feel the need to also mention that I did not compose before each shot and did nothing in Photoshop.

What are your thoughts? Are there any pointers you would like to share?

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