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This scene has been grabbing my attention every morning for the past couple of weeks and I’m not sure why I waited until this morning to capture it.

What you see is the view into my daughter’s room (don’t let the cleanliness fool ya–I removed a couple of things via Photoshop) and I really like how the shadows from the blinds appear on the door and wall. My only problem with it, however, is that it looks as if it was light outside. It was not… A street lamp is what caused this effect.

I pretty much don’t have a 100% complete understanding of how ISO, Tv, and Av work in tandem; so I’m curious as to why the outside looks so much brighter than it actually was? I know what I think, but my thoughts are getting jumbled these days because my melon hasn’t been working at full capacity for some peculiar reason. Jack Handy is not in da house, but here are some “deep thoughts” I have…

1) I think a higher ISO is good for low light situations and I think–or was at least told–a higher ISO darkens things, which is why I had my camera set at ISO 640 (it was also on a tripod which negates the need for a higher ISO… I think).

2) I always associate Tv with movement so I’m not sure what I think as far as the effect it has on light. I set my camera at 10 sec because I always think my exposure should be around -0- when shooting in Manual mode (I don’t think that when I’m using my external flash though) and this is where I had to be to in order get there. (This idea came from my own way of thinking because I’m self taught.)

3) I don’t think (I know) a wider aperture lets in more light, but I set my camera at f/2.5 because I wanted the background and foreground to be a little blurred. I should also mention that I was using my 50mm prime.

Have I lost you yet? I sure hope not…

I am totally cracking up right now because I was just going to make an attempt to explain what I think the problem was, but I thoroughly confused myself when writing this post… THE END!

Feel free to let me let me know what YOU think 😉

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