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Today is a very sad day for me. Unfortunately, so full of sadness that it’s almost hard to describe.

I typically try to “publish” upbeat and positive posts regarding photography, but instead, I felt the urge to write something about someone who was—and always will be—very near and dear to my heart.


Bill Neff is his name. Bill was my mentor, my friend, and someone who also played a fatherly-type role to me over the past six years. He was originally my massage teacher while I was in school, and quickly became the aforementioned… Not only to me, but in some ways to my husband and daughter as well.

It all started with my back going-out again, worse yet, while in school. The pain was so excruciating, I was prepared to quit. For 10+ years, I suffered from low-back pain due to this and that; traditional medicine being only a temporary fix, if that at all. Bill questioned me after class one day and said I should schedule an appointment with him. Sparing the details, thank goodness I did! If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today… More on that later.

I got the dreaded phone call this morning from a colleague stating that he passed away. In reality, I knew she wasn’t kidding because that’s not something you joke about, but part of me deep down inside was hoping it was just a sick joke. Not sure of the details yet, but it sounds as if his passing was at some point last night or very early this morning. I’ve cried so many tears and still find it hard to believe, but what makes it even harder is that today was his 61st Birthday.

Bill means a lot to me. He is someone who had tremendous pride and was extremely passionate about what he did for a living, which was teaching massage and running his own Precision Neuromuscular Therapy practice. He immersed himself so much in educating and helping others all day, every day… Literally speaking. He spent the last 16-years making a name for himself (from what I understand, that is very hard for a male therapist) and did a phenomenal job to say the least.

He took me under his wing, taught me everything he knows, and I appreciate him for that. I am forever grateful. I’ve learned from others as well, but my relationship with Bill was different. He believed in me and made it known… Not only to me personally, but to my family, my friends, and many of his clients as well.

I wish I could have said, “Goodbye”, and more importantly, “Thanks”, at least one more time; because if it wasn’t for him, I would not—without a doubt—be where I’m at in life today. It was “Billers” that helped me to become pain-free. Through becoming pain-free, it was “Billers” that helped me to realize my potential to help people in pain via PNMT. After starting my practice and during my journey through becoming certified, it was “Billers” that referred his clients to me when he couldn’t get them in quickly enough. All in all, “Billers” had faith in me and I’m at where I’m at today because of him.

Rest In Peace, Bill Neff! You will never be forgotten… Not only by me, but I’m sure by every other person out there you’ve ever touched in some way over the past 61 years of your life. You WILL be missed 🙂