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And my man does it while enjoying a nice glass of red wine. Gotta love his attempt at helping to repair Lexi’s new stretch pants on New Year’s Eve! 🙂

(50mm, ISO 400, 1/85 sec, f/1.6)

(EXIF data is the same, but my external flash actually fired here)

I intentionally focused on the act of sewing because I wanted my husband’s man-hands to be the main focus, but I can’t decide if the DOF is a bit too shallow/narrow?

Also, in regards to lighting, I’m not sure which picture I like better overall. I like how the natural light lit up the left side of his face, but not sure if it’s too contrasty–is that even a word?

On another note, one camera is at Canon for repairs and my newest one was sent back to B&H for a replacement; so, I may be MIA for a couple of weeks, unless I decide to use the first DSL I ever owned.

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