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(5D Mark II, 225mm, ISO 2000, 1/100 @ f/5.6)

Yesterday was a big day for my daughter… And for us as her parents as well. She was moving up in rank from white belt to yellow belt in Ninjutsu; also known as Japanese Budo. Yay, Lexi… We’re so proud of you!

This image is of her sitting in seiza (pronounced “say zuh”), patiently waiting for class to start. I know she was extremely excited for this event, especially considering we had to delay it due to her recent tonsillectomy, but I wonder what other emotions she was feeling during this exact moment. She knew she was going to be “tested”, so was she nervous? Or did she feel completely prepared? Like me, she tends to be a little shy in groups, so was the fact that she needed to perform in front of her peers and their parents scare her? Or is she more confident now that she’s been taking martial arts?

Personally, my mind is left to wonder and this is what I love about candid shots. In photojournalism, there is typically a story being told, but not so much here–well, that would be the case had I not just told you the story. Hahaha!

All in all, Lexi getting involved in Japanese Budo has been an awesome feat, and she has really grown as a result. Just like they have listed on their website, she’s truly learned the following: practical and effective self-protection skills; increased focus and effectiveness; skills of personal discipline; improved ability to communicate clearly; heightened sense of self confidence; sense of peace and security; and momentum to achieve in all she can do.

If you live in the Mason, Ohio area, I highly recommend you check out The DOJO Inc… We sure are happy we did. đŸ™‚

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