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I could easily write about–until I’m blue in the face–why stealing other peoples’ images shared online for whatever reason is wrong, but instead, I am going to share a website that I just found about an hour ago. It is called TinEye; a reverse image search. I know there are several options out there on the world-wide-web, but I was happy with this one and it’s ease of use.

By copying the URL of the page your image is on or uploading the image itself, TinEye “will find out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version.” Pretty cool if you ask me!

Because I used the free version, I was only able to search 50 of my pictures so far, but this can be done every day. As of right now, I found one image that has been stolen. Ugh!

I hope you find this information valuable and good day to you!! 🙂