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I uploaded this post last night asking if anyone knew what the “yellow” was on the iguana’s mouth and where it came from. I also made a comment that I would post more about it today, so here it is. Some of you may not find this at all funny having not been there personally, but everyone around us was cracking up.

Here is an iguana hanging around. We weren’t quite sure what it was up to.

This is when Mike got the bright idea to feed it a french fry covered in mustard. Perhaps feeding a reptile human-food was not a smart thing to do, but at that moment, Mike figured why not.

Just as Mike was going to feed it, another iguana ran up to see what all of the commotion was about. This is when Mike became a little hesitant. The iguana kind of reminded me of a dog begging.

A little closer they got; hungry iguana on hind legs and Mike’s arm stretched out as far as possible.

The iguana snaps the fry out of Mike’s hand and this is when he became panicky and on-edge.

The iguana wanted more and decided to get even closer to Mike. Mike had a smile on his face, but in reality, he was about to shit himself. LOL!

Again, the iguana reminded me of a dog as he jumped up onto the lounge chair… begging for more. Notice how Mike tries to get away but there’s only so far he can move back. In the end, Mike’s rapid movements must have scared the iguana because it took off instead.

Isn’t that a great story? Hahaha! I don’t claim to be a great storyteller—just wanted to share a moment when laughter was had by all. “Good times” as my daughter quite frequently says!

The last few pics aren’t the best, and I decided to convert them to black and white because I felt the color was too distracting. Hopefully the B&W works!

Here is the link to my SmugMug gallery if you would like to check out the pictures there. 🙂

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