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(5D Mark II, 300mm, ISO 400, 1/250 @ f/13)

Here is an image I took while sunbathing on the beach in Akumal, Mexico, last week.

It appeared to me that this guy was clearly immersed in his book. Not once—€”at least that I noticed—€”did he take his eyes away to observe what was going on around him. I love a good read!

In the background, on the left-hand side, happens to be my husband and daughter doing the complete opposite—€”immersing themselves in the Caribbean Sea rather than a book. And me, I’m doing neither; just observing my surroundings in hopes of creating an image that is pleasing to the eye… Both mine and yours.

I desaturated this photo a little bit because I felt that muted tones work better with this particular image and subject matter. A penny for your thoughts, please. Do you likey-like?

Happy Hump Day, y’all! 🙂

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