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(5D Mark II, 300mm, ISO 1000, 1/250 @ f/13)

My 11-year old daughter, who now aspires to become a Marine Biologist since our trip to Mexico last week—her first time out of the U.S. by the way—loves anything little and absolutely adored the baby crabs. I have to agree that they were very cute, but it did freak me out when they would try to pinch my fingers. It didn’t hurt at all; just a little startling.

Now back to future aspirations. Whatever profession my daughter chooses down the road is just that, her choice. I have no desire to push her in one direction or another. No desire for her to fulfill a need that I may be lacking. I just want her to be happy and enjoy whatever it is she decides to be and do. Most importantly, I want her be present through it all.

It seems that for one reason or another, too many people feel stuck and unhappy in their careers, and I don’t want this for my one-and-only child. I want my young girl with future aspirations to go after what she wants. As stated, she’s young, and her career choice may change as she gets older; but either way, I will support her to the fullest as that is my job as a parent.

The following quote by Eckhart Tolle further expresses how I feel…

“You will enjoy any activity in which you are fully present, any activity that is not just a means to an end. It isn’t the action you perform that you really enjoy. That aliveness is one with who you are. This means that when you enjoy doing something, you are really experiencing the joy of Being in its dynamic aspect. That’s why anything you enjoy doing connects you with the power behind all creation.”

Hopefully all of that makes sense… LOL! With that said, I also want her to be able to laugh at herself like I do at myself. 🙂

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