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(5D Mark II, 80mm, ISO 100, 30 sec @ f/14)

I am almost embarrassed to post this picture, but what the heck. It may be good; it may be bad… I honestly have no clue which and would love your thoughts. Whatever your opinion may be, it is definitely welcome!

Photography is a learning process and I’m still okay with the fact that I have a lot to learn. In fact, my eagerness to learn more about the craft from others was—and still is—one of the main reasons why I started this blog to begin with; however, for some peculiar reason, I always feel the need to post an image that I think may be good. Hmmm… that pretty much defeats my purpose. Learning from failure is a huge part of the process, right? LOL!

With that said, while on vacation in Akumal, Mexico, we decided early on that we were going to just walk around our last night there so I could focus on night shots, which I basically suck at due to a lack of understanding. I wanted to gain experience through experimentation, so I grabbed my camera, tripod, and off we went; the little one excited to capture some night shots as well.

This area happens to be one of many at the resort where people would hang out to drink and mingle. Something about this scene caught my eye, so I figured I’d go ahead and play around while my husband and daughter walked back to the room to get her camera—she somehow managed to forget it right after we discussed our goals for the night.

I didn’t have many intentions with this other than wanting to focus on and possibly create starbursts with the light in the foreground, and to show movement with the people. It was windy so I knew the palm trees would show movement as well. I wasn’t feeling confident with manual mode, so I went ahead and shot in aperture priority, choosing f/14 with the hopes of accomplishing the look I was going after.

A penny for your thoughts, please. 🙂

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