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(5D Mark II, 300mm, ISO 3200, 1/50 sec @ f/8)

It’s not very often that my girl will let me take pictures of her, but yesterday she was okay with it as long as she did not have to model for me; she was too busy playing Pocket Frogs on the iPad—€”notice the iPad reflection in her eyes. This picture was captured right after I said, “Lexi…” three times, and I just love the innocent look on her face.

On another note, I struggle with taking close-ups of faces and something about this weirds me out; I think, mainly related to the composition. At first glance, I feel that her left eye is in pretty good focus, but I also immediately think of a cyclops… And that she is not. LOL!

Could it possibly be the DOF? Or is it in fact the composition? Her eyes are on the top third and her nose and mouth are fairly close to the left third. I specifically wanted more facial features included, but maybe I should have excluded her ear and had more empty space on the left-hand side of the frame? Maybe I should have composed her left eye on the right third as opposed to basically the center as it is here? It’s my understanding that you want more space in the direction that a person is looking, but what do you do with this look? Wow, I have a lot of questions today!

Also, I believe that rules can be—€”or are meant to be—€”broken, so maybe this works?

A penny for your thoughts, please! As always, all thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcome. 🙂

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