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(5D Mark II, 17mm, ISO 100, 1/100 sec @ f/9)

After visiting Findlay Market on Sunday, my friend and I decided to drive around town for a few. We went through an area that appeared as if it was abandoned and then ended up on Dayton Street, which is where this image was taken. Some of the homes looked spooky, but I absolutely love the ornateness of them; in my opinion, all of the vines adding to the spooky ambiance. Imagine this place at night, with nothing but the street lights on, and those on the homes as well. Super spooky if you ask me!

Come to find out—€”thanks to Steph’s online research—€”this area is known as “Millionaire’s Row.” We definitely have plans to go there again and I will positively, without a doubt, bring my telephoto lens so I can capture close-up images of the ornateness that is really grabbing my attention. Next time I’ll use a smaller aperture to produce a greater DOF also.

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